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White paper

A Student-Centered Approach to Wellbeing. In Search of a Simple Solution.

Ana Isabel Calvo
Director & Partner EMEA & LATAM at EDT&Partners
July 20, 2022

Why is student well-being so important in education?

A majority of Principals and Deans around the world will tell you that their school or university is student-centered, but what does a truly student-centered insitution look like?

White Paper: A Student-Centered Approach to Wellbeing. In Search of a Simple Solution.


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A Brief Introduction to the Report

Student-Centered Learning & Wellbeing

The Nellie Mae Education Foundation describes student-centered learning as a way to engage students in their own success in the learning process, so every decision, administrative or operational, is focused on the benefit of the student’s wellbeing. Student wellbeing underpins every aspect of a student’s life: from learning and engagement to the physical, social, mental and emotional state necessary for good academic performance. So, how can educators proceed to achieve student well-being?

Prevention is Better than Cure

Today, more than ever, it’s essential that educational institutions provide the resourcestools, programmes  and skills to cope with student well-being. Students should be aware of mental health issues and be taught resilience skills like how to manage their emotions in an environment where they feel supported, connected and confident. If we really want to be student-centered, that means every student should have the right to this support and when they are faced with a problem, institutions should react in a quick and personalized manner. Prevention is key and relies on having a support network dependent on engagement and the relationship and communication with other students.

How can educational institutions achieve Finland’s level of happiness and quality of life for their students?

By following a successful example. Take the University of Vaasa, an institution of around 5.100 students and more than 500 staff known for its student support and guidance. They wanted to take action to improve students’ well-being by allowing them to get help quickly, which became especially important during the Corona pandemic with growing concerns about students’ academic achievement, social relationships and wellbeing.


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