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Tech Layoffs — Is Higher Education Next?

Pablo Langa
Founder and Managing Partner at EDT&Partners
January 12, 2023

Tech layoffs have been in the news lately, but the big question for those of us in the education sector is: Will they impact higher education institutions, specifically business schools? Pablo Langa, EDT’s Founder and Managing Partner, shares his take on the issue.

1. Tech layoffs

If the 150,000 tech layoffs in 2022 are any indication, it’s likely higher education institutions and business schools may also be entering a period of cost-saving, cost-cutting, or at the very least cost consciousness.
However, it is also true the post-secondary education vertical is also experiencing a moment of major disruption. Although the effects of Covid may have not put out of business as many institutions as some expected, (eg Prof Scott Galloway) most institutions are still navigating post-pandemic shockwaves. This means competition for talented students at TIER-2 institutions is at maximum levels and the very foundation of the higher education proposition is currently being challenged by many, including future candidates.

2. How are tech layoffs affecting higher education?

All this considered, data-centric strategies, at the heart of business schools’ governance and decision making may be a critical tool for success at the end of the current economic cycle. Well-structured data-based decisions can help optimize costs, develop just on-target programs and add academic value and meaningful career development outcomes to participants.


3. Learn from business school experts

Thursday 19th January  |  16-17h GMT

If you’re interested in the topic, join us in a conversation with industry practitioners and experts for the webinar:
The U.S. vs Europe: How data will define the leading Business Schools for the next 10 years.


This webinar, hosted by EDT&Partners in partnership with Salesforce, features speakers from top business schools and higher education experts:

  • Andre Spicer | Dean, Bayes Business School
  • Professor Dilshad Sheikh, CMBE, CMgr CCMI | Dean of the Faculty of Business at Arden University
  • Julio Villalobos | Director, CXO Strategic Industry Advisor, Salesforce
  • Valerie Sutton | Director, Career Services Office at Harvard Graduate School of Education
  • Moderated by Laurie Forcier | EDT&Partners Consultant,
    ex-Director, Thought Leadership, Pearson, ex-Sr Manager, Harvard University

In this webinar, you will learn how to: leverage data to improve admissions and recruitment, drive retention and ensure holistic student support, increase staff productivity

tech layoffs vs higher education and business schools. EDT&Partners is a consulting firm created by tech, business and education consultants

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