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Edtech Strategies: Boost Your Year-End Results

October 2023

The last quarter of the year is already here and it’s the perfect time to explore innovative strategies that can enhance your business outcomes in the coming year. We’re sharing the best Edtech Strategies to serve as inspiration, and showcasing real-life examples of how these approaches can transform your company’s results.

B2B selling is complex and it is often connected with lengthy sales cycles in Education. Some Edtech segments also suffer from certain stagnation, so take note of these examples and let’s explore how we can put them into action within your organization.

Edtech Strategies: Boost Your Year-End Results

The power of partnerships

Is your business goal to enter a new emerging market? The key lies in reaching out to the right connections, local resellers, and suitable partnerships.

The U.S., Middle East, and South East Asia are emerging markets where our network can be your gateway to success. Be proactive about a discussion now before the year ends, so these regions have an impact on your next year’s results.

– Within our partnership network, you can connect with product resellers, public relationships, or technical development partners. Let’s open the doors to new possibilities.

This success story can be replicated for your company in any region of the world. We extend an invitation to a complementary 30-minute session with one of our consultants who will analyze your case and offer a range of innovative ideas.

Save on unit costs per student

Do you know the true unit cost of each user in your educational institution or product? What if reducing this cost by just 10% could lead to substantial savings for your company?

As the first educational consulting firm with AWS Advanced partner accreditation, we’ve developed three specialized strategies to achieve these cost savings:

1. FinOps services. Understand the billing of your cloud costs, and focus on balancing and reducing unused resources.

2. Technical Restructuring. Our technical team analyzes and restructures your cloud servers and team, to improve efforts.

3. Third-party resellers. Buying credits through trusted third-party resellers, like EDT, enables you to reduce your cloud costs by 15%.

Improve processes through AI

AI-powered enhancements in your product features can boost your sales and/or marketing results. Additionally when AI is integrated into internal processes, it streamlines time and resources in all areas, leading to significant cost reduction.

Consider the impact AI can have on various sectors: logistics for publishers, content creation for Edtech companies and publishers, as well as tagging, and documentation within editorial processes. These areas present opportunities to boost your results in the upcoming year.

Strategically integrating AI into various business strategies is the key distinction between a simple AI implementation and a profitable and scalable use of the technology to improve results. As an AWS Advanced Partner, we specialize in helping startups, publishers, and universities worldwide with GenAI implementation and activation.

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