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 AI & Learning | The EDiTtalks Vol.04 

February 2022

1. AI & Innovative Learning Approaches

In the EDiTtalks Vol.04, Bassel Jalaleddine and Ghadeer Taki, the Managing Partner and Lead Instructional Designer at eFlow Education, discuss their personal journeys in the world of Edtech, how they have shaped their views of online learning platforms and how they’re working to make online learning more human-centered and inclusive.

With the help of eFlow, an AI-Powered Conversational Learning Platform, they are addressing the ways in which learning platforms can better take into account different learning styles and emotions, and the importance of reaching learners on the apps where they spend their time.

Listen to their conversation with EDT & Partners below.


2. Watch The EDiTtalks Vol.04

The EDiTtalks features conversations with EdTech industry leaders, sharing their stories, insights, and the innovative projects they’re a part of.

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