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Top 3 Themes: ChatGPT & Education Webinar



March 20, 2023

From our Webinar About ChatGPT & Education: Unlocking New Possibilities with Generative AI

The impact ChatGPT is having on education cannot be underestimated. We’re on the brink of a thrilling era filled with breakthroughs, ingenuity and inventiveness. EDT Founder and Managing Partner, Pablo Langa, recently had the opportunity to chat with product leaders who have been successfully implementing generative AI in their educational products for some time now. They generously shared their expertise and experience with us in our webinar ChatGPT&Education: Unlocking New Possibilities with Generative AI.

A special thanks to our speakers:
-Bassel Jalaleddine | Founder and CEO
-Carla Susagna | Head of Sales at Koanly
-Ben Whately | Co-founder and Chief -Strategy Officer at Memrise

Watch the video below with some highlights and keep reading to explore three key themes from the webinar.

Content Top 3 Themes: ChatGPT & Education Webinar

The top 3 themes related to ChatGPT and education:

  1. Rapid AI Innovation
  2. New Era of Assessment
  3. Prompt Engineering

1. Rapid AI Innovation

How do you stay relevant in a sector that is moving at a million miles per hour? There is a need for speed in innovation. Just a few days after our webinar, ChatGPT 4 was released and it’s become more obvious than ever that companies, big and small, will have to innovate at a much faster pace if they plan to keep up with advancements in AI.

The innovators we spoke to in our webinar have already been using GPT technology in their solutions before ChatGPT was released and the big AI boom. They discussed how using Open AI’s ChatGPT for training models is revolutionizing the sector, but tailoring product solutions specifically for education takes careful customization and optimization. This requires a deep understanding of how AI models function, along with expertise in product development and back-end implementation that can translate into seamless front-end user experiences.

What’s the key driver behind rapid AI innovation? People. Finding skilled individuals who possess both technical knowledge and a knack for delivering top-notch user experiences.

2. A New Era of Assessment 

A fresh approach is necessary to assess student learning that goes beyond standardized testing and rote memorization. The use of AI models such as ChatGPT in evaluations requires careful attention to ensure appropriate attribution for their outputs. However, relying solely on text analyzers like ChatGPT’s may not be ideal since they are not entirely reliable yet. Instead, it is imperative to establish protocols and best practices for teachers to maximize these tools’ potential when evaluating students’ abilities effectively.

Through an innovative perspective toward assessment methodologies with generative AI technologies, educators can discover new ways of using AI to their advantage.

3. Prompt Engineering

Prompt engineering has emerged as a critical skill that no one saw coming. This new skill involves not only understanding the underlying technology but developing and refining prompts to ensure that AI algorithms produce accurate responses within the expected criteria, format and use case of the product. It is one of the many new roles that have arisen, aimed at improving algorithm performance behind the scenes to enhance the user experience.

For Edtech product leaders, prompt engineering is a crucial skill to understand as it allows you to design AI models that align with your product’s learning objectives. These skills will become increasingly more important with the release of GPT4, which accepts a higher number of tokens, making the prompt engineering role even more crucial.

As AI continues to revolutionize education, keeping up with the pace of AI innovation is crucial for staying ahead of the game and equipping oneself to lead the development of new AI-driven products that align with the evolving needs of learners.

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