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Top 5 Insights from
Bett 2023 

April 2023

This year’s Bett show marked a return to business as usual. With the pandemic behind us, the focus of education and technology has shifted from adapting to thriving. There was an abundance of cybersecurity solutions, LMS and SIS platforms, math and literacy tools and a much-needed shift toward inclusive education. As the biggest event in education, what happens at Bett doesn’t stay at Bett! Continue reading for our top 5 insights from this year’s event. 


BETT 2023 & EDT: Top 5 Insights

1. The Vanishing Act of the Metaverse

At Bett 2023 the metaverse was noticeably absent compared to previous years. This year, VR technology was in short supply and the few available solutions were not strictly education-focused. Has the bubble of the metaverse burst? What does this mean for the future of immersive learning?

2. Safety First: Cybersecurity in the Classroom

We noticed a surge in the number of stands and companies offering security solutions. As schools become increasingly more accustomed and comfortable with technology in the classroom, they have also become more aware of the potential threats and the importance of safeguarding student data. This proactive approach to cybersecurity is an indication of how worried the industry is about cybersecurity attacks like the ones we’ve heard about on the news. Cybersecurity and protecting student data is an issue that is clearly on everyone’s minds.

3. Apps for the Classroom: Math, Literacy and Inclusivity

Math and literacy continue to dominate as key content areas in education, with these subjects being reimagined in innovative ways. Alongside these advances, new Edtech tools are also emerging that foster inclusiveness and equity in the classroom.

A 4-meter-high sculpture in the shape of a trash bin made a powerful statement about learning waste at the event. Created by Glean, the sculpture emphasizes the importance of learning outcomes and the need to reduce information waste in education.

4. LMS and SIS: An Abundance of Options

At this year’s Bett show, there was no shortage of LMS and SIS solutions. There is an overall sensation that the already mature LMS and SIS space has more room for innovation and true global players. Some are doubling down on the depth of information management options required for modern learning initiatives, while others are banking on more flexible learning methodologies and business models emphasizing the importance of the “L” in LMS. Across the segment, AI, personalization and learning efficacy are common denominators, driving advancements in the edtech space.

5. More Global than Ever

Years back at BETT it was hard to find large, successful initiatives beyond the early startup stage from far corners of the world. Now, however, it’s an event for established players from all over the world to present their innovative solutions. Classera, Odilo, EdPuzzle, Alef, and other notable names demonstrate this trend, proving that the education industry is truly going global.

The EDT&Partners team is honored to have attended Bett, as advocates of innovation and progress in education, we’re excited about the new trends and technologies transforming education. We look forward to working with those in the education and technology community to imagine, inspire and improve education.

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