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EDT & AWS EdStart Webinar- Going Global

April 2023

Webinar- Going Global. How EdTech Businesses can expand from Asia Pacific to Africa, the Middle East & Latin America.

Watch this EDT&Partners and AWS EdStart webinar aimed at EdTech startups looking to expand to new markets in Africa, Middle East, and LATAM. 


Exploring new opportunities in Africa, Middle East and LATAM

In the context of recovery from the COVID pandemic, each region has responded differently and had different outcomes- creating unique and new opportunities for innovative technology and solutions.

Learn from EDT&Partners consultants about the ecosystem, challenges, needs, and opportunities in Africa, the Middle East, and LATAM regions. Including case studies that illustrate how to best enter each market.

Hosted by Camil Torabully, AWS EdStart Program Manager for Asia Pacific, and Josep M. Mas, Partner APAC at EDT&Partners, the webinar features EDT&Partners consultants:


  • LATAM– Fernando Valenzuela | Partner LATAM
  • Middle East– Roy Saab | Partner EMEA
  • Africa: Ecosystem and Challenges– Hussein Ayoub | Senior Consultant EMEA
  • Africa: Needs and Opportunities– Mohamed Hemoh | Senior Consultant Africa

Watch the webinar EDT & AWS EdStart – Going Global

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