4th Education Technology Solutions Conference


An event for educational product leaders covering topics like gamification, LMS, AR, VR, mobile apps, cloud & data. Visit our booth to discover the solutions to your latest challenges.

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Visit our exhibitor booth and meet our consultants!

Our consultants would be delighted to discuss your company’s latest challenges and provide recommendations for solutions.

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Seminar Sessions

Participate in the event by presenting to a group or audience. Seminar sessions are 30 minutes each, and you can provide insights, products, or services, and more.

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Our consulting team is attending the event and would be delighted to discuss your company’s latest challenges and provide recommendations for solutions.

Edtech consultancy providing business, marketing and product news, whitepapers and researchs.

Who are we? Experienced Education Consultants

EDT&Partners is a consulting firm dedicated to the Business of Education. We work with publishers, edtechs, universities, not-for-profits, networks and public entities to support and to accelerate innovation, strategy and impact.

As an education consulting firm, our verticals are M&A, growth, tech & product, whether the stage of their business is planning, validating, or scaling.

Our firm was created in 2017 by business, tech, and education consultants to IMAGINE, INSPIRE and IMPROVE education. We help companies at all stages with specialized regional consultants. Our consulting services provide valuable guidance and support for those navigating the complex and ever-changing landscape of education and technology from K12 to higher education and beyond.

Our services are divided into three verticals: M&A, growth, tech & product. For M&A, we offer services of divestment, fundraising, due diligence, competitor analysis and market segment research. For consulting for growth, we offer services of product-market fit analysis, curriculum analysis & gap identification, product optimization analysis & recommendations, and price analysis, market size (TAM, SAM, SOM), channel partners, distributors, and resellers, GTM strategy, and services related to marketing: brand awareness, communication & events. For Tech & Product, we offer services of, interoperability, including a technical audit, a product audit, and a business audit, services of Cloud AWS, including migration, optimization, and leveraging data, we also offer services of AI & ML product enhancement, and, at last, we have our Product-market / Product-business fit.

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